About my brother

In 1972 my brother died. I was only 13 and in shock. I couldn’t understand why he should die.

2009 in the city library of Plovdiv I found an article about the dramatic circumstances of his death. The article was published in a youth communist newspaper «Komsomolska Iskra». The author accused the family for his suicide.

My mother keeps silence for more than 35 years. Now I decide to ask her what happened to my brother in Prague and later in Bulgaria?

«Stillian was a top student. His teachers in Prague thought highly of him. But the 1968 events had an impact on him. He did not follow the regular order. He didn’t wear uniform and was a bit frivolous. But he was also easily hurt ….»

In Prague, where our family lived in 1968, my brother felt the dawn of a new spring. The hopes of the young people, as well as the hopes of my brother were dashed. During the Prague Spring he was overhasty to believe a new age has started. After the Russian army quelled the Prague rising, he was expelled from the Russian Language School. He was transferred to a high school in Bulgaria. In Plovdiv the communist Security Services started to persecute him. Continuing his studies was out of question. No future, no hopes. On that «very New Year’s Eve», 1972, he took his life.

But the true deception came after. I would like my mother to feel her conscience clean and to break her silence.

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