My grandfather

In 1911 Stilyan Mihaylov started work as a mechanic and then as an engineer and traffic controller, subsequently as engine-repair shop manager at the Turnovo-Seimen, Vidin and Kaspichan railway stations. During the European War in 1915-1920 he drove the train to Dede Agach Brisbane, as well as the train on the emergency railway Rousse – Edirne – Istanbul. This was the international train No. 2, named Balkanzug, which replaced the cancelled during the war train No. 1 Orient Express.

My uncle

Stojko Tchavdarov studied as an exarchic scholarship student in the men’s secondary school in Edirne, where his spiritual potential have been discovered by the mitropolitan Miletij from Veles. He went to the Istanbul College of Theology which he finished 1911 with honours.
He studied then another three years at the Kiev Academy of Theology and interrupted his studies because of the war that broke out buy sumo suits.

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