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Gir National Park, located near Talala Gir in Gujarat, which is the only home of the endangered Asiatic Lions and is a place worth a visit for travelers who love wildlife. Here, tigers are spotted during the daytime too. Along with tigers, wild animals like leopards, nilgai, hyena, chital can also be spotted.

A little over 25 years ago, Kmart teamed up with Jaclyn Smith, the onetime Breck Shampoo Girl and star of TV Charlie Angels, for an exclusive line of fashionable, reasonably priced clothing and accessories. At the time, the discount chain was best known for its folksy Light Specials where a store worker would light up a mobile police light and offer a discount in a specific department. The goal of the Jaclyn Smith partnership was to add a touch of sophistication to the chain.

DON’T BLAME US. Lynn Boshart, one of the organizers for the local group, Save Lytle Creek Wash, said it was unfair for the developer to target her group as the reason for the golf course’s closure. “We have no control over this. I’ve seen factories where the windows were sealed and the industrial fumes were strangulating. The workers, mostly women, sewing clothes for H and Nautica and all the other stores in the West make a few dollars a day, working 12 hour days. A despairing friend who says she struggles to pay the price of Canadian made clothes, or shop only at the Maritime second hand chain Frenchy’s, asked me this week if she had to “go naked” in order not to feel guilty..

It is despicable for demagogues like Charles Krauthammer on Fox News to keep saying that “blaming Obama’s predecessors for the budget crisis is a cheap shot.” That is PRECISELY where the blame lies! Obama has only been in charge for 2.5 years, and his contribution to the deficit is 17%. It would be a lot less if the “Party of No” had not obstructed every one of his efforts to reduce the deficit. By YOU.

The region includes the communities of Florida, Naples and Ft. Myers as well as uninhabited islands and the Everglades area. Sun N Fun campground and resort in Sarasota has a range of specials and featured packages including monthly rates and seasonal prices.

Pine Creek Gorge is best known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. While you will have to travel west, when visiting from Philadelphia, you find Discount Jerseys traveling to this popular Pennsylvania destination to be much more economical than its namesake counterpart a tank of gas rather than round trip airfare for two. Sweeping views and scenic vistas await at this enchanting destination, and for those who love the outdoors, there is much to do, from hiking, picnicking and camping, to skiing and snowmobiling.

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